This project is now completed; some pictures of the work are posted below.
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About the need

An inspection of our building has shown some areas which must be repaired in order to maintain structural integrity. While our goal is to someday build a new, modern facility, we need to maintain a safe and structurally sound building to carry on our current ministry.

Our building is worth investing in. Over the years, we’ve made many changes—not just renovations, but a number of energy efficient upgrades. This building will likely be used for transitional housing even after a new facility is built. It’s wise to keep the building in sound, usable condition—not only for present use, but future opportunities as well.

Project details

The work completed as part of this project will help prevent moisture incursion and maintain structural integrity. There are some deficiencies, including broken bricks, deteriorated mortar joints, and corroded lintels. The project is expected to begin around fall of 2019.

Project components include:

  • Remove and repair deteriorated mortar joints
  • Remove and replace broken or defective brick units
  • Clean and paint exposed steel lintels
  • Replace lintels which are damaged
  • Clean and seal the entire exterior

Total project cost: $64,000

While this is an expensive project, it’s important to complete it now to avoid the potential for small problems growing in to large areas of damage, which would create an even greater expense. Addressing these concerns now will keep our building in a safe and sound condition for many years to come.

Looking to the future

Behind the scenes, we’ve already discussed possibilities for a future facility. Some options that we’ve considered have been taken away before even having an opportunity to pursue them. There may be something even better in store that we don’t realize at this time. We continue to be in prayer for the future and trust that the right plan will come together at the right time.

Thank you for giving

Thank you for considering a special gift to help complete these vital repairs. You can donate online now. Your generous support will allow the Mission to continue to stand as a refuge for the poor and homeless.


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Lima Rescue Mission has been located at the corner of Central Avenue and Wayne, Downtown Lima, since 1920

Additional information

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Building Repair Pictures