View local and national results from the Citygate Network Snapshot Survey.

2018 Snapshot Survey
2016 Snapshot Survey
2015 Snapshot Survey

2014 Snapshot Survey

No survey appears for 2017 because the survey period was moved from later in the year to January.

You may also visit the Citygate Network website for more information on homelessness nationally.

Baylor University Study

A recent study completed by Baylor University's Institute for Studies of Religion examines the faith-based response to homelessness in America. You can find more information and read the report at the Institute for Studies of Religion website.

Tours and Speaking Engagements

We offer tours of our facility to interested groups or individuals. Our staff is also available to make a presentation at your event. Please contact us to make arrangements. We look forward to sharing with you!

Service statistics

Stats09-18Annual trends from 2009-2018
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The chart above shows annual trends for two main areas that we track, number of meals served and nights of lodging provided in our overnight shelter.