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Celebrating 114 years of ministry

Although we are marking our 114th anniversary in a different way, it’s important to recognize this milestone and give thanks and glory to God for His faithfulness and blessings over the years.

On November 1, 1906, Rev. Adam Welty, without any visible means of support, moved his family to their new home at 207 East North Street. This large rented house would serve as a residence for the family and also a haven for transient men needing food and lodging. It was not until later that Rev. Welty learned that their new home was in the heart of what was then the “red light district” of the city.

Meet George

George had his own pet store in Oklahoma, but things were not going well as a result of losing business to larger stores. George became disillusioned and started using drugs. He was a self-described "crack head" from 1999-2011. He ended up in Louisiana working in restaurants for awhile, and was in and out of jail. He lost his family and had to resort to staying in shelters.

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