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Clouds...and Sunshine

The dreary, rainy September morning brought forth the comment, “Such a gloomy day!” A guest in the home came back with this reply, “Yes, but the sun is shining just as brightly as ever—we just can't see it for the clouds.” This thought made the rest of the day seem brighter and more cheerful, as we remembered that the sun really was shining, even though the clouds obscured it from our view.

The Gift that Lasts

“Give the gift for all seasons...the gift that says you care all year long...the ideal gift — a pleasure each month.” Such phrases are designed to promote the idea of a Christmas gift delivered each month during the coming year; perhaps a magazine, candy, a flower arrangement, fruit, or some other welcome present, as a reminder of your thoughtfulness. The concept is good. And not only does the one who receives the gift benefit, but also the giver.


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