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Clouds...and Sunshine

Clouds...and Sunshine

The dreary, rainy September morning brought forth the comment, “Such a gloomy day!” A guest in the home came back with this reply, “Yes, but the sun is shining just as brightly as ever—we just can't see it for the clouds.” This thought made the rest of the day seem brighter and more cheerful, as we remembered that the sun really was shining, even though the clouds obscured it from our view.

There are times when the clouds come into our spiritual lives, too, and the outlook is dark and dreary. We lose sight of the fact that God considers His children the “apple of His eye,” and that He allows nothing to come into our lives except that which will make us sweeter, stronger, Christians. The clouds of doubt and despair dim our eyes. Uncongenial associates, unpleasant circumstances make us forget that the “sun of Righteousness” is still there, “Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today and forever.” The gloom of sorrow and suffering settles down upon us, and we forget that God has promised to be with us, not only when the way is smooth and the sun is shining, but when the path is rough and unpleasant, as well.

Those, who in these days take the wings of modern aircraft and mount up into the skies, know the secret of climbing high to rise above a storm and the clouds to the sun-bathed heights. This, too, is our privilege in the spiritual realm. When the clouds obscure our vision of God's love, let us in prayer rise to the heights where we can once again have fellowship with Him, and we will find peace in spite of the storm raging below us.


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