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Jesus Saves

Jesus Saves

Most people are familiar with the sign at the corner of our building. Fewer may know that there is another sign located at the top of the west side of our building—a small sign with two words: Jesus Saves. However, we do know that it is seen, and that it has had an impact—something confirmed by a man who recently came to us in need of a place to stay.

This person had been living out of state and ended up going through a divorce. He came back to the area to reunite with family. He was aware of an outstanding warrant, so he turned himself in. While in jail, he saw the sign on our building that says, “Jesus Saves,” and knew he could come here for help. He now has a job and is working on moving into our transitional housing.

We’re thankful for the opportunities not only to provide physical care in a time of need, but to share with everyone the good news that Jesus Saves!


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