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Volunteer Guidelines


Thank you for your interest in volunteering at Lima Rescue Mission. We consider our volunteers to be part of our ministry family. We maintain a Christian environment and it is our goal to share God’s love with people in need. We ask that you refrain from foul or offensive language and that you avoid sharing views that contradict our statement of faith. We take the work of volunteers seriously and we want you to have a positive experience. These guidelines will help you understand what is expected during your ministry here.

Age of Volunteers

We suggest that anyone volunteering at the Mission be at least ten years old. Any volunteers under the age of eighteen must be directly supervised by a parent/guardian or other responsible adult. Our staff are not able to supervise minor volunteers.

Dress Code

We ask that all volunteers wear modest and respectful attire. Closed-toe shoes are required when working in the kitchen or completing maintenance tasks.

Interaction with Residents

For your safety, and in the best interest of Mission guests, we ask that you observe these guidelines:

  • Please do not give money to individuals, as this can lead to numerous issues. Needs are met through Mission programs and services as well as other community services.
  • Please do not give rides.
  • Please respect personal space. Some residents may shy away from interaction with others.
  • Please do not do anything that will humiliate or make someone uncomfortable.
  • Avoid inappropriate contact.

Also, we ask that you avoid fraternization with Mission guests. We welcome you to interact in a friendly manner while maintaining a respectful and courteous reserve.


Mission staff and volunteers are responsible for protecting the privacy of Mission guests. No information about any clients is to be given to anyone. Photos may not be taken without permission from Lima Rescue Mission and the guest involved.

Notice of Impending Absence

The staff of Lima Rescue Mission relies on volunteers to appear and perform duties as scheduled. We understand that some scheduling conflicts or illness are unavoidable. We ask that you contact us as soon as you learn that you will not be available for scheduled service. Last minute changes can cause a hardship for Mission staff. If you do not notify us of an absence or if there are repeated absences, we may not be able to schedule you for future activities.

Food Service

Volunteers working in food service areas should take note of the following:

  • Anyone with an illness or communicable disease will not be allowed to handle or serve food.
  • Always wash hands and arms with soap and water using the provided hand washing sink.
  • Always wear provided gloves when directly handling food.

Working with Children

Any volunteer that will be working with our children’s ministry must complete a background check and must be pre-approved before taking part in any activities where you will be working with or around children. Volunteers should not be alone with a child at any time.

Personal Safety

  • Volunteers are expected to remain in assigned work areas.
  • Be alert and aware of your surroundings.
  • Avoid getting involved in an argument between others.

Notify staff immediately if any of the following occur:

  • You feel threatened
  • Medical emergency
  • Fight or argument
  • Suicidal comments
  • Inappropriate language or behavior
  • Unwanted contact


The volunteer relationship may be terminated in the case of non-compliance with our volunteer guidelines, behavior that is unbecoming a Christian or excessive absence from scheduled duties.

  Download a PDF of these guidelines.