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Important First Steps

Important First Steps

There are many approaches to addressing homelessness which vary greatly in different areas of the country and among different types of organizations. Government subsidized organizations inevitably differ from religious organizations who receive funding without the “red tape”. Of course, we clash immediately as we believe that real and lasting transformation comes through repentance and believing the gospel of Jesus Christ.

There are also differences among non-subsidized shelters; for example, some may house people indefinitely in a dormitory style setting. Our emphasis is on temporary shelter, taking steps toward independent housing. We also understand that the amount of time and effort this requires varies by individual. For many, moving into our transitional, single room housing is a good next step. From there, we have seen many move into their own apartments.

Regardless of the timing and exact path to housing, we believe that shelter is an important first step. When people are staying at the Mission, our staff gets to know them better. We find out what’s really going on, and how to address issues in a meaningful way. Because they are staying with us, it is much easier to provide individual care and attention, which takes on many forms.

We also believe that time in a shelter can help provide stability. People develop routines, become grounded, and work with our staff to set goals. It allows for a smoother transition, taking helpful steps toward permanent housing.

Just recently, someone said that his time at the Mission helped give him a footing so that he could start moving forward. We’ve heard comments like that many times through the years. Those comments, and the fact that we do see people making positive changes and moving on, confirms that temporary shelter is important.

We are thankful for your support which allows us to work with individuals in a meaningful way to end homelessness—your gift allows us to continue to help others in a time of need!


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